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Central PA Youth Field Hockey League 2021

Welcome to the CPYFHL 2021 Season!  We are hopeful your teams will be able to participate this fall.

Team Registration Now open!
Click Here to go to the Team Registration Page on Tourney Machine

Click Here for Player Waiver **all athletes participating in the CPYFHL must complete this waiver once for the season.

CPYFHL 2021 Teams:

U9 Teams: Camp Hill Cubs, Camp Hill Cubs White, CDYFH Green, CDYFH White, Mechanicsburg Little Catz, Red Land Liberty,  SYC Warriors

U11 Teams: Camp Hill Pride, CDYFH Green, CDYFH White, Dillsburg, Mechanicsburg Wild Catz, Red Land Stars, Red Land Stripes, SYC Warriors, West Perry Youth FH

U13 Teams: Camp Hill Lions, CDYFH Green, CDYFH White, Dillsburg Lightening, Dillsburg Thunder,  Line Mountain, Mechanicsburg Catz Maroon, Mechanicsburg Catz Steele, NBYFH, Newport Buffaloes, Red Land Patriots, SYC Warriors, SAYFH Hawks, SAYFH Orange,  

Game days will be Sundays: 9/12, 9/19, 10/3, 10/17, 10/24 with the U11 and U13 Championships on 11/6 and 11/7

Game locations
-Mechanicsburg Turf Field at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Park 9/12, 9/19, 10/3 and 10/24
-West Shore Stadium HS Turf Field 10/17 and 10/24
U11 league championships for top 8 U11 teams will be at Yellow Breeches on Saturday 11/6
U13 league championships for top 8 U13 teams will be at Yellow Breeches on Sunday 11/7

League Schedule will be posted by September 3rd at midnight and we will be using the Tourney Machine app again this year for schedule, game results and team rankings.

Final team roster and player waivers
will be due by the first game day, September 12th, 2021. 

2021 League Rules
• Games played on Sunday afternoons between 10:00am and 7:00pm
• Divisions will be U9 (Under age 9 as of September 1 st , 2021) U11 (Under age 11 as of September 1 st , 2021) U13 (Under 13 as of September 1 st , 2021) No exceptions. Players can play up a division but may not play down. Teams found to have an older player playing in a game will cause their team to receive a forfeit recorded for that game and the previous 2 games, which will significantly affect their chances to make the championship games.
• Players can NOT play for multiple teams in the same age group. If a player is found to be playing for more than one team in the same age group, that team will receive a forfeit for the current game and the previous two games. A player can play for a team in their own age group and then also play for a team in the next older age group. **Goalies are the only players permitted to play for multiple teams in the same age group.
• There will be an 70/30 rule in place as of the 2021 CPYFHL season for U11 and U13. To ensure this league is a school district based league and not club teams, each team must have at least 70% of their team residing in the school district that the team is representing. If a team fails to comply, they will receive a forfeit for the current game and the previous 2 games. **This only applies to U11 and U13 divisions and field players.
• Each game will have one or two officials (we will make every attempt to have a PIAA licensed official but it isn’t guaranteed)
• Teams will put together their own weekly practice schedule based on their team’s availability
• Games will be played 7v7 and can be played with or without a goalie.
• Fields should be approximately 60 yards by 40 yards.
• Outdoor rules will apply with the following exceptions
o U9 will NOT carry out corners.
o Each U9 team may have up to 2 coaches on the field with players to direct game play. Coaches may not interfere with the game.
o U11 and U13 will complete corners if there is a designated "circle markings" on the field.  For Mechanicsburg and Susquehanna Township fields, the "numbers" will designate the "scoring circle".
o If a field does not have a designated circle for scoring then goals can be scored from anywhere on the field
o In situations where a corner will not be performed: instead of a corner a free hit will be awarded the offense 16 yards from the end line going towards goal when there is a defensive foul inside the 16 yard line.
o U13 & U11 will complete strokes in the event that a play warrants a stroke. U9 will not carry out a stroke. In the event that a goal is, in the official’s opinion, clearly stopped by an illegal play by a defender (ex. Defender stopping the ball with his/her feet on the goal line, etc.) the official will call a goal because this division does not allow a stroke to be called.
• Games will be two 20 minute halves running clock with a 5 minute half time and ties will not be played out until the championship game
• Team Cost is $650 for the season, checks made payable to “Central Penn Mini Sticks” or paid online via Tourney Machine
• Player Waiver for every player must be submitted before the team’s first game. Players may play up a division but older players may NOT play down. A violation to this rule will cause a forfeit for each game this rule was not followed and a forfeit for the previous 2 games and will impact a team’s opportunity to compete in the league championship.
• Teams are required to wear matching shirts or uniforms with numbers on their backs.
• Home team is required to wear a white or light colored shirt while the away team is to wear a dark color. Failure to show up in the correct color will result in a forfeit if team cannot provide an acceptable solution.
• Teams unwilling to travel to an assigned away game will result in a forfeit and thus affect their championship rankings. A forfeit will be recorded as 0-3 score.
• Host site will supply timer and game balls
• Players are required to wear shin guards and mouth guards, goggles are optional but recommended.
• In the event of bad weather or any need to cancel a game, the host site is responsible for contacting Belinda Heltzel and the head coach of the away teams.
• Team scores MUST be emailed to Belinda Heltzel at [email protected] before the end of the game day or sent as a text to 717-343-8647.
• There will be a league championship game at the end of the season for U11 and U13 divisions.  The top 8 teams based on season record will play for 1st , 2nd and 3rd places.  Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 teams based on the tournament results.
• Continuing in 2021!!! Copy of birth certificate for every player on your roster will be due the Monday before the league championship for all teams who advance to the championship. Team roster must be the SAME roster that was provided at the start of the season. Feel free to collect those at the start of your season but they are only due from teams who will be playing at the championship. Failure to submit birth certificates or evidence of an ineligible player will result in your team being eliminated from the league championship. We are enforcing this rule to try and promote an equal playing field for all teams. 

Last Year's CPYFHL 2020 Championships at Yellow Breeches Sports Center
Saturday October 31st, 2020 U11:
U11 Pool Ranking: 1. Red Land Blue 2. Hawks Hockey 3. Mechanicsburg 4. CDYFH 5. Red Land Red 6. Dillsburg Dynomite 7. Camp Hill Pride 8. Line Mountain
Sunday November 1st, 2020 U13:
U13 Pool Ranking: 1. Camp Hill Lions 2. Dillsburg Thunder 3. NBYFH 4. Red Land Red 5. Hawks Hockey 6. CDYFH White 7. Mechanicsburg 8. Rogue Buffaloes

Field 1 Field 2
First Pool Play Round is one 20 min half, if a game ends in a tie it stays a tie
U11 10/31 times Pool A Pool B   U13 11/1 times
10:00 1v7 2v8 8:00
10:25 3v5 4v6 8:25
10:50 1v5 2v6 8:50
11:15 3v7 4v8 9:15
11:40 1v3 2v4 9:40
12:05 5v7 6v8 10:05
Cross-over Round, games are one 20 min half, games can't end in a tie, tie-breaker: two rounds of 10 min sudden victory 5v5 reduced player, then best of 5 shootouts then sudden victory shootouts
12:40 Game 13 A1vsB4   Game 14 B1vA4 10:40
1:15 Game 15 A2vB3   Game 16 B2vA3 11:15
Sem-Final Round, games are two 15 min halves, 5 min half time, games 17 & 18 can't end in a tie,  tie-breaker: two rounds of 10 min sudden victory 5v5 reduced player, then best of 5 shootouts then sudden victory shootouts.  Games 19 and 20 can end in a tie
1:50 Game 17 Winner Game 13 vs Winner Game 16                  Game 18 Winner Game 14 vs Winner Game 15 11:50
2:30 Game 19 Loser Game 13 vs Loser Game 16  Game 20 Loser Game 14 vs Loser Game 15 12:30
Finals Round, games are two 20 min halves, 5 min half time, games can't end in a tie, tie-breaker: two rounds of 10 min sudden victory 5v5 reduced player, then best of 5 shootouts then sudden victory shootouts
3:15 Winner Game 17 vs Winner Game 18 1st/2nd Place  Loser Game 17 vs Loser Game 18 3rd/4th Place 1:15

**Game times during u11 and u13 championships might vary due to any over overtime periods needed
Trophies and medals awarded to top 3 teams at the conclusion of the U11 and U13 tournaments

CPYFHL 2020 Teams:
U9 Teams (6 teams):
Red Land Red, Camp Hill Cubs, Dillsburg Purple Storm, CDYFH, NBYFH, Hawks Hockey

U11 Teams (9 teams):
Red Land Red, Red Land White, Red Land Blue, Camp Hill Pride, Hawks Hockey, Line Mountain, Dillsburg Dynomite, CDYFH, Mechanicsburg

U13 Teams (11 teams):
Rogue Buffaloes, Red Land Red, Camp Hill Lions, Hawks Hockey, Line Mountain, Dillsburg Thunder, NBYFH, CCFH Mini Colts, CDYFH White, CDYFH Green, Mechanicsburg


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