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League Schedule is Now Live on Tourney Machine

9/25 Rain Delay... 1pm games moved to 2pm today and all following games pushed back... tourney machine has been updated
**Please note each site host and the onsite officials can enforce a 30 minute game suspension at any time due to thunder or lightning.
Updated game time should be:
1:00 is now 2:00 
1:50 is now 2:42
2:40 is now 3:24
3:30 is now 4:06
3:45 at west shore only is now 4:20
4:20 is now 4:48
5:10 is now 5:31
6:00 is now 6:14

Game Dates: Sunday afternoons

9/11 at Mechanicsburg
9/18 No games
9/25 at Mechanicsburg & West Shore Stadium,
10/2 Middletown HS
10/9 No games
10/16 at West Shore Stadium
10/23 at Mechanicsburg
U11 and U13 league championships Sunday 11/6 *Top 8 U13 teams and top 8 U11 teams will be invited to participate

Trophies awarded to the top 3 U11 and U13 teams
Medals awarded to all U9s and to the top 4 U11 and U13 teams

Teams can request to have double headers and more bye weeks if you prefer that.

Games Locations: Mechanicsburg Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Park Field, West Shore Stadium, Middletown HS, Yellow Breeches Sports Center

Divisions: U9 (Under 9 as of 12/31/22), U11 (Under age 11 as of 9/1/22) and U13 (Under age 13 as of 9/1/22)

Schedule and game results will be posted on Tourney Machine

Player Waiver *Each athlete must complete the player waiver once for the season

Officials:  If you are a HS or MS FH athlete who would like to officiate in the CPYFHL, you must attend atleast 2 of the Sunday morning Official's training courses.  Please see below to sign up to attend the Official's training courses.

League Rules:
- Games played on Sunday afternoons between 11am and 7pm
-Divisions will be U9 (Under age 9 as of 9/1/2022) U11 (Under age 11 as of 9/1/2022) U13 (Under 13 as of 9/1/2022). No exceptions.  Players can play up a division but may not play down.  Teams found to have an older players playing in a game will cause their team to receive a forfeit recorded for that game and the previous 2 games.
- Players can NOT play for multiple teams in the same age group.  If a player is found to be playing for more than one team in the same age group, that team will receive a forfeit for the current game and the previous two games.  A player can play for a team in their own age group and then also play for a team in the next older age group.  **Goalies are the only players permitted to play for multiple teams in the same age group.
- There will be a 70/30 rule in place for U13 and U11.  To ensure this league is a school district-based league and not club teams, each team must have at least 70% of their team residing in the school district that the team is representing.  If a team fails to comply, they will receive a forfeit for the current game and the previous 2 games.  **This only applies to U13 and U11 divisions and for field players.
- Each U9 game will have 1 official and every effort will be made to have 2 officials on all U13 and U11 games.  CPYFHL officials will wear yellow League Officials Shirts.
- Once the schedule has been created, any game change requests must be submitted to the CPYFHL Director by the requesting team with the specific game request.  Game change requests will then be sent to all team coaches who will be affected by the change.  If all coaches involved approve the game change, all coaches will be notified that the change is confirmed and Tourney Machine will be updated.
- Teams will put together their own weekly practice schedule based on their team's availability
- Games will be played 7v7 and can be played with or without a goalie.
- Fields should be approximately 60 yards by 40 yards.
- CPYFHL will be using the current football lines and number field markings to designate our FH field.  The "Scoring Circle" will be from the tops of the numbers to the sidelines and to the close endline.  The "Scoring Circle" will be more of a rectangle but will allows the officials and teams to have a visual and a set "Scoring Circle".
- If a Side In needs to occur due to the ball going out of bounds on the sideline inside the circle, the Side In free hit will take place on the sideline 5 yards back from the "Scoring Circle".  This is because the scoring circle goes all the way to the sidelines so if a side in was taken inside the circle, players would not be able to play the ball 5 yards or pass before going into the circle, as they would already be in the circle.
- Outdoor FIH rules will apply with the following exceptions
- U9 will NOT carry out corners.  If a defender fouls inside the "Scoring Circle" the offense will have a free hit 5 yards outside of the circle.
- U13 and U11 will complete corners using the "tops of the numbers" as their "Scoring Circle"
- U13 and U11 will carry out Strokes if an officials determines a stroke call is warranted.  
- U9 will not carry out a normal stroke, instead a free hit to an open cage will take place from the top of the circle (Aka the tops of the numbers) if an official feels a stroke call is warranted
- Games will be two 20 minute halves running clock with a 5 minute half time and ties will not be played out until the championship games.
- Player Waiver for every player must be submitted before the team's first game.  If a player is playing on 2 different teams in 2 different age groups, that player must submit a waiver for each team/age group.
- Teams are required to wear matching shirts or uniforms preferable with numbers on the backs of the shirts.
- Home team is required to wear a white or light colored shirt and matching socks while the away team is to wear a dark color shirt and matching socks.  Failure to show up in the correct color will result in a forfeit if a team cannot provide an acceptable solution.
- Game site host will provide game balls, field set up, running clock and horn to start and end all games.
- Game site host will be charging $5 per adult admissions fee.  All students and coaches enter for free.  Each game site will run a concession stand and processed will benefit local FH programs.
- Players are required to wear shin guards and mouth guards, goggles are optional but not required.
- In the event of bad weather the host site will have the final say in if a game day needs to be postponed.
- Team scores must be texted to CPYFHL Director, Belinda Heltzel, by both the home team and the away team before the end of theh game day.  Please include your age group, team name and final score.  Text results to 717-343-8647 or email them to [email protected]
- U13 and U11 divisions coaches will remain on the sidelines and there is no limit to the amount of coaches who can support the team on the sidelines.  Coaches can NOT be on the field in U13 and U11 divisions.
- U9 may have 1 coach on the field to help the players learn the game and all other U9 coaches should be on the sidelines.  Coaches may NOT interfere with the game other than coaching when they are on the field.  Coaches on the field may not stand in front of the goal, may not pick up or move the ball and may not get in the way of any of any the athletes.  If a coach who is coaching on the field begins to interfere with the game, the official will ask all U9 coaches to stay on the team's sideline for the remainder of the game.

Registration Listing

Sunday Mornings Officials Training 2022

Field Hockey Officials Training Sessions
Sept 4th West Shore Stadium (Next to Cedar Cliff HS) 10:00-11:30
Sept 11th Mechanicsburg 11:00-12:30
Sept 25th Mechanicsburg 11:00-12:30
Oct 2nd Middletown HS Stadium 10:00-11:30
Oct 16th West Shore Stadium (Next to Cedar Cliff HS) 10:00-11:30

Please arrive 15 minutes before the session begins. Please wear athletic clothes, bring water, a notebook and definitely your whistle.

October 16th, 10:00-11:30 West Shore Stadium

Registration closes on 10/15/2022 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 08/10/2022 to 10/15/2022

October 2nd, 10:00-11:30 Middletown HS Stadium

Registration closes on 10/15/2022 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 08/10/2022 to 10/15/2022


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