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Winter 2020-2021 Tryout Information

CPFH Handbook 2020-2021

Holiday Week Practice Schedules:

No CPFH Practices for Christmas Break: 12/24, 12/25
No CPFH Practices for New Years Break: 12/31, 1/1
No practices the weeks of December 14th, December 21st and December 28th due to the Governor's 3 week shut down

Normal (Non-Holiday Week) Practice Schedule
GK skills Practices:
Mondays @ CHSC 6:00-7:30 U10, U12 & U14
Mondays @ CHSC 7:30-9:00 U16 & U19
**All GKs will be invited to attend the above goalie only skills practice and also will be asked to attend their team's assigned scrimmage practice session.

U10 Practice Schedule:
Mondays @ CHSC 5:00-6:30 All U10s, field players and GKs 
Tuesdays @ CHSC 5:00-6:30 All U10 field players

U12 Practice Schedule:
Tuesdays @ CHSC 5:00-7:00 All U12 Black, Violet, Orchid, Lilac, field players
Wednesday @ CHSC 5:00-7:00 U12 Purple field players and GKs
Thursdays @ CHSC 5:00-6:30 U12 All U12 teams, field players & GKs

U14 Practice Schedule:
Tuesdays @ Yellow Breeches 4:30-6:30 U14 Purple scrimmage field players and GK
Wednesdays @ CHSC 5:00-7:00 U14 skills all teams skills, field players
Thursday @ CHSC 6:30-8:00 U14 Orchid, Lilac, Iris, Lavender Scrimmage field players and GK
Friday @ CHSC 5:00-6:30 U14 Black, U14 Violet scrimmage field players and GK

U16 Practice Schedule:
Mondays @ CHSC 6:30-8:30 U16 Lavender, Periwinkle, Wisteria/Availability Skills, field players
Tuesdays @ Yellow Breeches 4:30-6:30 U16 Black, Violet, Orchid Scrimmage field players and GKs
Wednesdays @ CHSC 7:00-9:00 U16 Purple, Black, Violet, Orchid, Lilac, Iris Skills, field players
Thursdays @ Yellow Breeches 4:30-6:30 U16 Purple Scrimmage, field players and GK
Fridays @ CHSC 5:00-6:30 U16 Lilac, Iris Scrimmage, field players and GKs
Fridays @ CHSC 6:30-8:00 U16 Lavender, Periwinkle, Wisteria/Availability Scrimmage, field players & GKs

U19 Practice Schedule:
Monday @ CHSC 8:30-10:00 U19 Availability skills **this will be their skills night 12/28 and all Mondays in Jan and Feb, field players
Tuesdays @ CHSC 7:00-9:00 U19 Puprle, Black, Violet, Orchid, Lilac, Iris Skills, field players
Thursdays @ Yellow Breeches 4:30-6:30 U19 Purple, Black, Violet Scrimmage, field players & GKs
Thursdays @ CHSC 8:00-9:30  U19 Orchid, Lilac, Iris, Availability Scrimmage, field players & GKs
Fridays @ Yellow Breeches 4:00-6:00 U19 Availability skills **this will be their skills night in Nov and Dec and then will move to Mondays on 12/28 and in January and February, field players

How to determine your age group for this winter season?
Your division is based on your age as of 12/31/2020... 
U10 under age 10 as of 12/31/2020
U12 under age 12 as of 12/31/2020
U14 under age 14 as of 12/31/2020
U16 under age 16 as of 12/31/2020
U19 under age 19 as of 12/31/2020

All athletes must  fill out this online form once for the season for CHSC facility policy

**New athletes joining CPFH must obtain an assigned CPFH Jersey Number before purchasing your uniform and practice pinnie.  To obtain and assigned jersey number, please email Coach Tabi  [email protected] .
-Uniform samples will be available at tryouts to look at and try to get size comparisons. 

Winter 2020-2021 Season Registration

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

Winter 2019-2020 Practice Information


Practice starts the week of Monday, November 16th, 2020

Each age group's practice days have not yet been determined but every team will have 2 practices per week.  Each set team will have their tournament schedule released after tryouts when you are invited to your set teams.  Once invited to a set team, you can then choose to accept or decline the team invitation.  Our two practice facilities this year will once again be Camp Hill Sports Center and Yellow Breeches Sports Center.

All tryouts will take place at Camp Hill Sports Center
U10s DO NOT have to attend a tryout, just please register under our U10 winter season registration

Sunday August 23rd U12 2pm-4pm and U14 4pm-6pm Optional Open Courts to come and dust off your indoor sticks.
Sunday August 30th U12 Noon-3pm and U14 3pm-6pm TryOuts **each age group will be 3 hours long and this will be the only tryout for U12s and U14s, teams will be formed at the conclusion of this tryout**
*U16 & U19 athletes only need to attend 1 of the Round 1 tryouts but CAN attend both if you would like to
Sunday September 13th U16 11am-12:30pm and U19 12:30-2pm Optional Open Courts
Sunday September 20th U16 9am-10:30am and U19 10:30-Noon Round 1 Tryouts
Sunday September 27th U16 9am-10:30am and U19 10:30-Noon Round 1 Tryouts
Sunday October 4 U16 Round 2 Tryouts 11am-3pm to form teams
Sunday October 11 U19 Round 2 Tryouts 9am-1pm to form teams
**Tryouts are all on Sundays to try and avoid any fall season JrH and HS team practices and/or games so we can honor your commitment to your teams.  U12 and U14 tryouts will be completed before September so we can avoid any conflicts with CPYFHL Sunday games that alot of you participate in.
**When tryouts are close to taking place, we will email all those registered for each event and will provide you with the CDC/safety regulations that we will be following for your and the athlete's safety.  We are working to try and allow parents to be there to watch but will most likely have to limit it to 1 spectator per athlete due to the lobby size and trying to give you space to social distance.

Disney Showcase 2021 *The top two winter/indoor teams in U16 and U14 will be required to attend the Disney Showcase Tournament.  U19, U14 7v7 team and U12 will be optional and sign ups will are open on our website under "Registration Info".  Disney Showcase Tournament dates January 29-31, 2021.  Disney tournament player registration fee will be $200, BINGO fundraiser event will be offered to help off-set this cost for anyone interested in participating.

CPFH Coaching Staff Age group head coaches will be announced soon!

Winter Indoor 2019-2020 Season Player Registration Fees:
U19/U16 $600
U14 $550
U12 $500
U10 $350
**These fees do not include the tournament, NITQ or NIT entry fees
**During registration (after try-outs) you will have the option to pay via a one time lump sum payment or can choose to break the registration fees up into 4 equal monthly payments that will be due 11/1, 12/1, 1/1 and 2/1
**"Regular" tournament fees will be $85
**NITQ fee will be $100
**NIT fee will be $210


2019-2020 Season Practice Info

Last Season's 2019-2020 Winter Practice Schedule
5:00-7:00 U12 Both courts skills (all U12 field players) Tabi Kleese *Head Coach, Carrie Guarente, Alyscia Smith, Curtis Sherk, Shannon Minnich
7:00-9:00 U19 Both courts skills (all U19 field players)  Belinda Heltzel, Steve Heckman, Susann Morrison, John McGraw, Curtis Sherk, Taylor Deitrick

At Yellow Breeches: 4:30-6:30 U16 scrimmage (U16 Purple, Black, Violet, Orchid field players and assigned GKs) Belinda Heltzel *Head Coach, Steph Dressler, Brooke Sheibley, John McGraw
5:00-6:30 U10 Court A skills (all U10 field players) Hayley Warner *Head Coach, Julie Reibsane, Tabi Kleese
5:30-7:00 U10 GKs & U12 GKs Court B Coach Jess *Head Coach, Lisa Kenedy, Kelsey Sheaffer
5:00-7:00 U14 Court B skills (U14 Lilac & availability, field players only) Garisanne Anderson *Head Coach,
6:30-8:30 U14 Court A skills (U14 Purple, Black, Violet, Orchid field players) Belinda Heltzel *Head Coach, Katie Zapp, Steph Dressler, Brooke Sheibley
7:00-8:30 U14GKs U16 GKs & U19 GKsCourt B, Jess Reitzel *Head Coach, Lisa Kenedy, Kelsey Sheaffer, Brian Diehl

5:00-6:30 U14 Both courts scrimmage (teams Purple, Black, Violet, Orchid field players and assigned GKs) Belinda Heltzel *Head Coach, Katie Zapp, Brooke Sheibley, Lauren Fried
6:30 - 8:00 U14 Court A scrimmage (U14 Lilac & availability, field players and GKs) Garisanne Anderson *Head Coach, Brooke Sheibley, Tabi Kleese
 U19 Court B scrimmage (U19 Orchid, Lilac & availability, field players and GKs) Steve Heckman, Curtis Sherk, Susann Morrison
8:00-9:30 U16 Court A skills (U16 Periwinkle, Lavender, Wisteria & U16 availability, field players only) Tabi Kleese *Head Coach, Lauren Fried, John McGraw, Taylor Deitrick
8:00-9:30 Adult open court Court B

At Yellow Breeches: 4:30-6:30 U19 scrimmage (Purple, Black & Violet field players and GKs) Belinda Heltzel, Steve Heckman, Steph Dressler, John McGraw
5:00-6:30 U12 Both courts scrimmage (all U12s and U12 Gks) Tabi Kleese *Head Coach, Carrie Guarente, Alyscia Smith, Katie Zapp, Shannon Minnich
6:30-8:30 U16 skills Court A (Purple, Black, Violet field players) Belinda Heltzel *Head Coach, Steph Dressler, John McGraw
6:30-8:30 U16 skills Courts B (teams Orchid, Lilac, Iris field players) Belinda Heltzel *Head Coach, Tabi Kleese, Alyscia Smith, Curtis Sherk

5:00-6:30 U10 Both Courts scrimmage (all U10s and U10 Gks) Hayley Warner *Head Coach, Julie Reibsane, Tabi Kleese, Lauren Fried
6:30-8:00 U16 Both courts scrimmage (teams Lilac, Iris, Periwinkle, Lavender, Wisteria & availability team, field players and assigned GKs) Tabi Kleese *Head Coach, Lauren Fried, Curtis Sherk, Hayley Warner


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